About Livani

Livans should be opened by heart. Gently, but for real, as it is customary in Latgale.
Don't miss it! This is exactly what you have to learn in life - to not miss it.

The export capital of Latgale, where well-paid work attracts young people - this is Livani.
But tourists are attracted by the unusual.
And unusual is the place where GLASS is born. Fragile, shining, hot like love.
Only here you will experience it. And if a key can be made of glass, then it is this key.
The key in the gate of Latgale - the glass capital of Latvia.


Bridge in Livani
Glass figurines in the Livani Glass Museum
Livani district -
key in gates of Latgale!

Get to know the Livani district!

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